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Response To That Final Question:

Ignorance is the Bane of Man.
At a distance removed,
Dimly remembered, and
Still not seen distinct,
But yet somehow felt;
What we do sense
Is not reality; is not the Real Thing.
This World is hologram.
Then; for lucid sleep;
For it's just a dream
Within another dream
And we are not awake.

Seven Stars' Song of Revelation

Ignorance is a jail where no escape
Is possible but through knowledge.
Don't fear nor spurn. Dare to learn:

Assent to and accept this world as it is
Before attempting ascent to any world
Aspired to or wished for. Life's glorious!

That That Is can be known but by few.
Not space, not time, not gravity exists;
But as Extension from Field of Thought.

Be subject to neither church nor crown.

Dread naught. Disdain none: Not One!
Absent That That Is, there's Nothing.

That That Is, IS. That That's Not, IS, too.
That That's Not makes That That Is: IS.
That That Is makes That That's Not BE.

By rowing to That That Is, I become "I."
Wind + Water = Wave. As THOUGHT is
The Heart and The Nave of The Wheel.

Worlds are created from Thought alone.
That which we will do is because of that
What we are. We'll become who we are.

Charity, courtesy, civility, compassion,
Are cardinal spokes making civilization;
Chivalry forms center, hub's circle core.

IS is! Be not the slave of some other's I.
This, Creed of our Seven Stars Society;
This, The Teaching of the Seven Stars:

No man can be happy if he should choose
To be exile from his own nature and soul.

Precognitive Prescient Prophetic Poetry by WILLIAM O'CONNOR

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Poetry Begins

The United States has a long history of slaughtering its best people; on killing them in foreign fields.  Whether we might wish to acknowledge it or not, we are all on a long journey; although we may well have differing destinations.  We all end up dead, but we get there by different paths.  It's always a waste of one's valuable life to be against anything, but it's never ever a waste to be for something; provided that this something is worthy of you.  First though, you have to be worthy of you.  You can't be worthy of you if you serve a flag. The country in your head is the nation to revere.

Now.  I'm for verse.  I've answered every one's questions, such as I understood them, to the best of my limited ability (well it's not so limited, I'm a poet and a polymath).  I have explained why and how things are the way they are, and what they will be in the future, and I've literally given multiple answers and very practical solutions to all the most difficult, deep, great and profoundest questions.  So now, if I might then be excused, please, I shall just be playing, intoxicating and indulging myself, with my beloved poetry. Drunk with rhyme. Possessed by verse.  Composing poetry is praying. Poetry is prayer: Reciting is in itself a religious act; it's an affirmation, acknowledgment of existence. Believe the making of poetry.

Thirty thousand years ago, there were five competing species of hominid in the world.  Poetry is what made humanity the sole survivor (imitating the grunts,croaks and whistles to be found in nature to communicate), and it's speech that keeps us human. I adamantly won't be answering any more inquiries.  That's it!  I have now fulfilled all of my teaching functions as a Druid.  I've my own work to pursue.  And you've got all of the responses.

Enough is enough. Too much possibly. Sorry, I've done with all that. That was the easy part. Prose is easy. Poetry is hard. Society, after all, has no rightful claim upon genius.  Society exists mainly as an obstacle to any kind of creativity, since society is essentially, innately conservative as is public education.  Our prime duty is to our Self (it's why we have an obligation to seek out our real Self). Read my books.  Follow my Blog.  Answers to all, to everything, are already contained therein! Duty to others isn't nearly as vitally important as duty to ourself: Abilities must be exercised. They must be exercised.  They must be drilled.  Duties and responsibilities are only those we ourselves have freely decided to do and undertake. I want to write as well as I can for as long as I can; that's it!

Well, to be clear, poetry and that paranormal romance, far-future-fantasy, action-adventure, speculative-science-fiction, series I've written.  I just publish for the Amazon Kindle and for all those e-reader devices that use the Kindle "app," such as PCs, BlackBerrys, Apple's iPod Touch, iPhone and Apple's iPad. The reason I publish on the Kindle is simple:  Amazon now pays up to a seventy percent royalty. That's far better than any other publisher pays.  Even though I myself am a publisher through RothCroi Publications (105 South Division Street Peekskill New York USA 10566), the costs of book distribution are far better borne by an international e-book publisher, like Amazon.  What I publish is important enough to warrant world-wide distribution.  Many told me it has changed their life.

Why were their lives changed?  Let's iterate the message yet again: We've each, every one of us, a right, the responsibility, to expect from ourselves what's needful to fulfill the duty, the delight, the obligation for creating our own destinies: So.  Now's a time for verse! Not just for me; for all of us.  In prose, there might be a few as good as I (though not many); but in poetry, I bow to none, in this time or in any other: Small-minded get behind me!

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