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Response To That Final Question:

Ignorance is the Bane of Man.
At a distance removed,
Dimly remembered, and
Still not seen distinct,
But yet somehow felt;
What we do sense
Is not reality; is not the Real Thing.
This World is hologram.
Then; for lucid sleep;
For it's just a dream
Within another dream
And we are not awake.

Seven Stars' Song of Revelation

Ignorance is a jail where no escape
Is possible but through knowledge.
Don't fear nor spurn. Dare to learn:

Assent to and accept this world as it is
Before attempting ascent to any world
Aspired to or wished for. Life's glorious!

That That Is can be known but by few.
Not space, not time, not gravity exists;
But as Extension from Field of Thought.

Be subject to neither church nor crown.

Dread naught. Disdain none: Not One!
Absent That That Is, there's Nothing.

That That Is, IS. That That's Not, IS, too.
That That's Not makes That That Is: IS.
That That Is makes That That's Not BE.

By rowing to That That Is, I become "I."
Wind + Water = Wave. As THOUGHT is
The Heart and The Nave of The Wheel.

Worlds are created from Thought alone.
That which we will do is because of that
What we are. We'll become who we are.

Charity, courtesy, civility, compassion,
Are cardinal spokes making civilization;
Chivalry forms center, hub's circle core.

IS is! Be not the slave of some other's I.
This, Creed of our Seven Stars Society;
This, The Teaching of the Seven Stars:

No man can be happy if he should choose
To be exile from his own nature and soul.

Precognitive Prescient Prophetic Poetry by WILLIAM O'CONNOR

Friday, May 22, 2015

Blue Sun Series: Convergence: Verse 3

Opening flower of reality springs forth petals of dimensions. Men may train dogs, but women train men. It is not important to be good nor to be true, as that is merely manners. What is important is to be you.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Blue Sun Series: Convergence: Verse 2

The leaning gesture of the stem of the electric rose, encased in the vase of clear water, a green stick bent and stripped clean of sharper thorn; signals out its presence in red defiance of its death when plucked from slanted prism of slim glass: remember me as I once was.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Blue Sun Series: Convergence: Verse 1

Buds hidden in the hedgerow burst to bloom in May; stark flowering bright seen even in gray morning. Glorious is gaiety of Spring as far dispersion of pollen is an affirmation is yes to the dominance of life.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Blue Sun Series: Emergence: Verse 50

Whether or not you can think, if they believe you can think or even have capacity to think, they'll hate you, shall strive to destroy you, will seek you out to ridicule you; if failing in that will try to harm you.

Blue Sun Series: Emergence: Verse 49

Control a language and they who think in it are controlled too; what academies of education do; what accepted pundits of publishing do, when broadcasting propaganda. They who own the media own us.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Blue Sun Series: Emergence: Verse 48

Duty eats at the heart. None ought be respected who themselves had not undergone a tribulation with honor; few can do so. Most live lives of safety and know nothing of courage. Duty then is to one's Self.

Blue Sun Series: Emergence: Verse 47

Words are jewels, the precious gems for speaking, fractal mirrors of reality; each one is a hologram, a world within a word. Imminent in its pronunciation is universe coming into being, as word made flesh.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Blue Sun Series: Emergence: Verse 46

Script of blood is in sky above. Talk the speech of gods to write poetry. Descent for inspiration comes from myriad sources, comes from thousands of deities; signs of revelation formed in particular brains.

Blue Sun Series: Emergence: Verse 45

The tithing taxes of pundits' harassment, of those scholars who an ignorant public respects and quotes, of those who criticized and demeaned opinions not in accord to narrow views; are burdens on humanity.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Blue Sun Series: Emergence: Verse 44

They've no knowledge of long slow shallow tide exposing the hidden pilings of the psyche, of emotions flowing in and out about revealed, of ancient hatred old prejudice; the driving currents of every action.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Blue Sun Series: Emergence: Verse 43

The language of the universe is fixed for throws for a sentience, for cheating for the combo by whom it can be known; the dice of chance is loaded for consciousness, shaved for a preference for compassion.

Blue Sun Series: Emergence: Verse 42

The rust of social ritual of this world swallows everything and prevents the action necessary to survive. Slavery resulting by having to respect the opinions of others keeps us chained to their static moralities. 


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