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Response To That Final Question:

Ignorance is the Bane of Man.
At a distance removed,
Dimly remembered, and
Still not seen distinct,
But yet somehow felt;
What we do sense
Is not reality; is not the Real Thing.
This World is hologram.
Then; for lucid sleep;
For it's just a dream
Within another dream
And we are not awake.

Seven Stars' Song of Revelation

Ignorance is a jail where no escape
Is possible but through knowledge.
Don't fear nor spurn. Dare to learn:

Assent to and accept this world as it is
Before attempting ascent to any world
Aspired to or wished for. Life's glorious!

That That Is can be known but by few.
Not space, not time, not gravity exists;
But as Extension from Field of Thought.

Be subject to neither church nor crown.

Dread naught. Disdain none: Not One!
Absent That That Is, there's Nothing.

That That Is, IS. That That's Not, IS, too.
That That's Not makes That That Is: IS.
That That Is makes That That's Not BE.

By rowing to That That Is, I become "I."
Wind + Water = Wave. As THOUGHT is
The Heart and The Nave of The Wheel.

Worlds are created from Thought alone.
That which we will do is because of that
What we are. We'll become who we are.

Charity, courtesy, civility, compassion,
Are cardinal spokes making civilization;
Chivalry forms center, hub's circle core.

IS is! Be not the slave of some other's I.
This, Creed of our Seven Stars Society;
This, The Teaching of the Seven Stars:

No man can be happy if he should choose
To be exile from his own nature and soul.

Precognitive Prescient Prophetic Poetry by WILLIAM O'CONNOR

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beliefs, Behaviors and Genomes

People really are very different and new sub-species of humanity are already in the process of evolving.  What's beneficial for some is harmful for others.  Every physician knows this, and that's why prescriptions for different medications work well for some ethnic groups and have no affect upon others.  Beliefs are similar to drugs as they affect different individuals differently.  For instance, the patristic Abraham belief of the Middle East, which is centered around the Akedah sacrifice as evidence of one's submission to divine will, the prof-erring dedication of the first-born male by its father, would certainly be and clearly is absolutely abhorrent to someone from and of a basically matristic culture of reverence for "The She," such as is in the Druid belief of Old Europe.  Why is this? The explanation is genomic.  Just as musical taste has a very strong genetic component, so does adherence to a particular faith and abhorrence of another.  The Middle Eastern systems of belief were invented by individuals, all of them males from a common pool of Y-chromosome bialelic haplotypes (DNA proof for common male descent); while all the Old Europe Atlantic belief systems were founded by females.  It makes a huge difference as to which faith system and ethical practice is more congenial and having a greater salient benefit to oneself, depending upon whose descendant one might be. Genomes influence beliefs and beliefs influence cultures. Cultures influence behaviors and behaviors cause individual actions.

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