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Response To That Final Question:

Ignorance is the Bane of Man.
At a distance removed,
Dimly remembered, and
Still not seen distinct,
But yet somehow felt;
What we do sense
Is not reality; is not the Real Thing.
This World is hologram.
Then; for lucid sleep;
For it's just a dream
Within another dream
And we are not awake.

Seven Stars' Song of Revelation

Ignorance is a jail where no escape
Is possible but through knowledge.
Don't fear nor spurn. Dare to learn:

Assent to and accept this world as it is
Before attempting ascent to any world
Aspired to or wished for. Life's glorious!

That That Is can be known but by few.
Not space, not time, not gravity exists;
But as Extension from Field of Thought.

Be subject to neither church nor crown.

Dread naught. Disdain none: Not One!
Absent That That Is, there's Nothing.

That That Is, IS. That That's Not, IS, too.
That That's Not makes That That Is: IS.
That That Is makes That That's Not BE.

By rowing to That That Is, I become "I."
Wind + Water = Wave. As THOUGHT is
The Heart and The Nave of The Wheel.

Worlds are created from Thought alone.
That which we will do is because of that
What we are. We'll become who we are.

Charity, courtesy, civility, compassion,
Are cardinal spokes making civilization;
Chivalry forms center, hub's circle core.

IS is! Be not the slave of some other's I.
This, Creed of our Seven Stars Society;
This, The Teaching of the Seven Stars:

No man can be happy if he should choose
To be exile from his own nature and soul.

Precognitive Prescient Prophetic Poetry by WILLIAM O'CONNOR

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Salvation and Sacrifice

Some of the major near Eastern religions, the three major ones, those in particular claiming descent from Abraham, are essentially cannibalistic. These are avatar messianic religions that rely upon a doctrine of eternal return to a paradisaical source: the womb. Although life is lived in history, the history is one of strife. On death, the womb source is the tomb which is shaped like a tabernacle for the body. The earth receives the corpse into itself and then regenerates itself from the receipt of the body. Life is a period of sacrifice and of martyrdom of the Self so that the body can take residence in the eternal womb, signified by placing the scroll of the Torah in the vessel of its tabernacle. The Tabernacle eats the Torah. It's essentially an agrarian sowing outlook, as the seed of the soul has to die for the plant to grow, and the plant is to be consumed as nourishment for the tribe. The dead then are the food for the living. Agricultural communities become dense and crowded and the belief systems of such communities are a form of population control that ensures continuity of the society. Emphasis is on harmony within the community. Consequently there exists an aversion to any faith that would jeopardise the harmony. The heroes and the idols of such societies are those who are willing to sacrifice themselves on behalf of the society. The society is literally nourished by the blood of its martyrs. High birth rates tend to always encourage martyrdom; as someone in a large family could choose to sacrifice themselves on behalf of the whole family and the family will still be sustained without that member's continued presence. The same strategy applies to agrarian religion; as the belief system shall devour its adherents to nourish the religion. In reality then, all of the Abraham descent religions are zombie belief systems wherein the dead devour the living by obsolete tradition and obligation to the authority of long-dead sages and scrolls; for all these are the eaters of the living, as the past eats into the present. These aren't salutary belief systems! Since fully half of humanity subscribes to these systems of belief (Christianity, Judaism, Islam), one can wonder at what that implies for their sanity; as any belief that contradicts reality has to cause immense trauma to the psyche, as that delusion affects a believer's behavior: This leads to violence against oneself possibly and definitely against others. Buried below their outward feigned manifestations of egalitarian brotherhood and fraternity towards those others not of their limited beliefs, these fake simulacra of amity, there only exists hidden hatred and fear; not the joy of real religion. True religion deals with the sublime transcendental transformation of the entire psyche from the mundane to a greater, higher consciousness (real religion is trans formative---that's it's sole purpose---and it's purpose is a good one); unfortunately, Abraham faiths accomplish exactly the opposite. Well, one wonders then: If such faiths are so truly evil at their core, since they mandate the sacrifice of the Self to achieve salvation; why do so many adhere to them? The reason is genetics. Not only do people appear to be very different from each other; they really are different. Just as medications are prescribed for certain ethnic groups because they are effective for them, but not for others as they might be harmful; the same is true for religion. Like drugs, the different faiths work for some and not for others. Humanity is, by its nature, religious. It needs a purpose and a goal. But that purpose and goal is very different in diverse cultures. What works for one group will not work well for another. So, one tries out one way and then yet another to see what way works best for you. Because people are so very different and so diverse in their opinions and in their outlooks on life, it's important to acknowledge this difference and not to try to convert others to one's own faith and religion. What works for you may not work for them and probably won't. The reverse is true too; what works for them may not work well for you. All of life is an experiment after all. Personal choice is the most important criterion in choosing any way of life. What may possibly be moving and trans formative for someone else might well prove to be simply dull and worthless for another because their genetic profiles remain so very different.

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